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Do you love flipping through sewing pattern books at your local fabric store? I do! Today I'm sharing my Five Fave Retro Sewing Patterns to help you create your own one-of-a-kind retro piece. I haven't made any of these yet, but they are on my list (or already in my stash).

Butterick 5209

Oh gosh, how I adore the silhouette on this dress! I've got some gorgeous cotton satin in olive with brown polka dots waiting in my stash just for this dress. As it has a full skirt, it will need a petticoat underneath to help give it structure and to fill out the intended shape. Because I plan to use cotton satin then a petticoat will be an absolute must. Thankfully I found a petticoat tutorial in a Craftsy class  – The Flirty Day Dress* (which, incidentally, is another wonderful vintage-style sewing pattern that lives in my stash).

You can find Butterick 5209 here.

Butterick 6049

A very vintage-inspired little number that I hope to sew very soon. I think it will be perfect to wear teamed with a wide-brimmed hat, large retro sunglasses while looking gorgeous sipping Pimms by the pool on a hot Queensland day!

You can find Butterick 6049 here.

Colette Patterns – Ceylon

Not strictly vintage, or even retro, but there's something about this dress that seems to scream “Cuba” at me — I have no idea why! I adore this dress's shape, style and all its little details. I think this dress might be a little challenging – especially to get a good, professional finish, but Colette Patterns give great instructions and there's nothing quite like trying new techniques and extending your repertoire.

You can find Colette's Ceylon here.

Simplicity 1590

As I've previously mentioned, I love nipped-in, structured waists that accentuate my curves without making me look cheap. This blouse pattern really appeals to me, and I think it would be perfect for the office teamed with a sweet Erst Wilder brooch. Cute!

You can find Simplicity 1590 here.

Christine Haynes – Sassy Librarian Blouse*

Another vintage-style blouse, Christine Haynes's blouse has gorgeous release pleats, not darts, which feature strongly in fashion from the 1940s. Her Craftsy class is easy to follow and her pattern offers variations that you can use to customise your piece.

You can find Christine Hayne's Craftsy class here.

So there you have it – my 5 Fave Retro Sewing Patterns currently in my stash or on my wishlist. What are yours? Have you sewed any of these patterns and want to share your experiences (or reviews) – go right ahead and share it with us below. If you've written a review on your blog, feel free to link to the post too!


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