Hi, I'm Lisa Scott. Welcome to Make + Do.


I'm a multipassionate maker who believes everyone is creative at heart.

I believe the act of making something, by hand, is a calming antidote to the stress and busy-ness of daily life. In fact, I believe it is essential to good mental health, and is deeply nourishing to the soul.

I also believe that supporting handmaker micro-businesses and micro-industries is a practical way to foster creative communities and help build a resilient economy that no longer relies on the mass production of plastic crap.

I believe in recycling and in the eternal retro style of decades past (although maybe not the 1980s — that decade was a shocker!)

I believe in honouring my body by wearing well-made clothes that are made for my exact body measurements, and reflect on the outside who I am on the inside.

I believe that handmaking my own clothes contributes to a sustainable and ethical future for us all.

And I also believe in the meditative power of a good cup of tea.



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