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Black Friday has just passed, and Cyber Monday isn’t here yet, and I don’t know about you but I’m already a bit exhausted from wading through all my Black Friday Sales emails. There are some truly amazing deals to be had this weekend, and there are some not-so-amazing deals too.

To save you some serious time and money wading through your Facebook feed and emails, I’ve rounded up a list of the 6 best Cyber Monday sewing, art and craft deals you’ll see this weekend. I had some help compiling this list – so a big thank you to Natalie and Clare, who tipped me off to some deals that I hadn’t seen but definitely worth sharing.

Best deal #1

CreativeBug is offering a 3-month membership for just $1 USD. This deal is INSANELY good. Seriously — exactly how much can you buy for a buck these days? Not much! So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this sale.  

I’ve been curious about CreativeBug for a long time now, but it wasn’t until this deal was offered that I took the plunge and signed up. I’m so glad I did because they have award-winning classes offered by fantastic teachers such as Lisa Congden, Anna Maria Horner and Natalie Chanin. The classes are generally much shorter than other online learning platforms so are perfect for those of us who only have time to watch a class during nap-time or while drinking a rapidly cooling cup of tea.

Best deal #2

Craftsy is offering all classes for $17.99 USD (excluding for The Great Courses). Craftsy always have sales on classes, but rarely do they discount ALL classes and never at a better price than this!

I’m a huge, long-time fan of Craftsy and over the years have seriously upgraded my sewing, photography and crochet skills. I’ve enrolled in over 70 classes and have learnt something worthwhile in every single class I’ve taken. They keep bringing out new classes every week and cater to all skill levels.

Best deal #3

Mingo and Grace have 50% off all their delightfully feminine sewing patterns, and a further 10% off if you use the code FRIENDS. I’m not familiar with Mingo and Grace, but my friend Natalie suggested this one and it’s such a great deal that it’s definitely worth checking out!

Best deal #4

My favourite independent sewing pattern company Colette Patterns have 30% off all patterns and up to 50% off sale patterns.

Colette Patterns mostly include women’s sewing patterns, and a few men’s patterns too, and do not include patterns for children at all. They are modern with a vintage feel, and come in a huge range of sizes. They are also available in both printed and PDF versions, so you can avoid expensive shipping fees by getting the digital version instead. I’ve loved Colette Patterns for a long time, and Black Friday is the only time of the year I’ve seen them offer a store-wide sale.

Best deal #5

Up to 40% off all CreativeLive classes. CreativeLive is another online learning platform that offer high-quality classes delivered by excellent teachers. They don’t just offer classes for upskilling your creativity, they also offer some terrific business classes specifically for people in handmade and other creative micro-industries. If you’re a handmaiden or artist looking to build a sustainable business based on your creative endeavours, I can thoroughly recommend CreativeLive to help you get there.

Best deal #6

This deal is another of Natalie’s suggestions. Independent designer Dolls and Daydreams are offering 20% off all orders over $25 USD. Dolls and Daydreams specialise in whimsical doll and softie patterns, plus accessories patterns for their dolls and softies. So beautiful and these dolls and softies would make terrific gifts for the littlies in your life!


These are the 6 top deals I’ve seen and felt were worth sharing this year. I’m sure there are plenty of other terrific Cyber Monday deals that I’ve missed. Do you know of any? If so, feel free to link to them in the comments below!


*Please note: this post contains affiliate links to CreativeBug, Craftsy and CreativeLive (not the other companies I've mentioned) and if you clink on the links to these companies and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission — at no extra cost to you! I'm an independent publisher and being affiliated with these three companies helps cover the costs of running this site.

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