Book love is timeless

Book love is timeless


I grew up reading.

My earliest and happiest memories involve a Faraway Tree, a Hobbit and a Whistle Up The Chimney. I grew up with the Chronicles of Narnia, Obernewtyn and rather large doses of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. They were happy times.

In my teens I discovered Jane Eyre and the sheer delight of Pride and Prejudice. What joy!

I'm well and truly an adult now but not much has changed. I still believe if a book is worth reading it's worth buying and that books make the best presents. It's a sad Christmas Day indeed if there's no book waiting under the tree for me because most Christmas afternoons are spent losing myself in my latest trove of literary treasures.

Sure, my tastes have changed over the years. My reading material centres firmly on non-fiction now. From Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer and Michele Cranston, to Pip Lincolne, Nicole Mallalieu and Kelly Doust: each has something that wins my heart and provides endless inspiration.

But something wondrous is happening in our household too. We're revisiting old friends Grandma Poss and Hush, making new ones in Hairy Maclary and sharing night-time stories of Thumbelina.

Yes, like most gifts, the joy of sharing them is the best gift of all.


What's on your reading list? Tell us in the comments below. 


Taking Stock: Pip-style!

It's time that I stopped playing with my blog's design and just get into it. Start writing, sharing, working, growing and developing the space that Make + Do will become. So where else to start but to take up Pip Lincolne‘s challenge to Take Stock.


Making : a website
Cooking : homemade baked beans for dinner
Drinking : cold coffee
Reading: copious crafting magazines
Wanting: a DSLR camera
Looking: at my laptop screen far too much
Playing: around with blog design ideas
Deciding: what task I should tackle first
Wishing: I had a better camera
Enjoying: some space
Waiting: to get motivated and get off the couch
Liking: lazy Sunday mornings
Wondering: if the weather is going to be as good as yesterday
Loving: my life
Pondering: where this blogging caper is going to take me
Considering: enrolling in more ecourses
Watching: the fog make way for another cloudless day
Hoping: I don't waste my Sunday
Marvelling: at how lucky I am
Needing: more sleep
Smelling: winter
Wearing: tracky-dacks
Following: my Blog with Pip buddies
Noticing: that my nose is itchy
Knowing: I will never have this day again
Thinking: I better not waste it
Feeling: calm
Admiring: my husband
Sorting: furniture requirements
Buying: a new camera (squee!)
Getting: excited by the thought of a new camera
Bookmarking: photography tips 
Disliking: being too warm, but not warm enough to take off my jumper
Opening: my big mouth
Giggling: at crazy family antics
Feeling: content
Snacking: on blue cheese
Coveting: a full-frame camera
Wishing: I didn't have to do more housework
Helping: with the housework
Hearing: crazy chickens lodge official complaints and demand to range free. 

On that note,  it's time to release aforementioned chooks and start this day. Happy Sunday peeps!

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