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I’m a new blogger and in many ways I’m a new crafter, sewing enthusiast, photographer, stylist and filmmaker (among so many other things). These past few weeks I’ve struggled. I wear many hats and among them I run a boutique communications business, Red Hen Writing. I’m also mum to a very active toddler. I love it but sometimes it leaves little room for my other loves — such as Make + Do.

I started blogging because I needed a space to produce content that I ‘wanted’ to produce, rather than content that I was ‘told’ to produce. I went to my first ProBlogger Training Event in August and I met some amazing bloggers: both newbies and old hands. I came away feeling enthused about all the things I *should* be doing to make my blog better. I made lists, plans, goals, and then…


I became overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing — needed to be doing — to make Make + Do perfect and I was paralysed.

Then I started the comparisons. This is not a good thing.

I want Make + Do to reflect the things that make my heart sing. However: I’m new, I make mistakes and I’m still learning.

I’m not going to beat myself up over the things I’m not. Today, I’m fighting my fear and embracing the art of wabi-sabi: the Japanese philosophy of being perfectly imperfect.

Yellow paper daisies, foraged flowers, turquoise desk open laptop

An open window, my newly painted turquoise desk and a posy of freshly foraged paper daisies makes my work days pretty and fun!

As part of that, I’m sharing some photos of my workspace. It’s clean and spacious and minimalist but that’s as much ‘styling’ as I can do. It’s not perfect.

My desk is an old extension dining table that I repainted. I made mistakes that are obvious. I painted over scratches without sanding the surface back. I didn’t apply the paint fast enough and there are some rough sections. My toddler *helped* me and there are still some odd marks where I let her do her thing.

All of these things make this desk less than perfect.

Each of those imperfections tell a story. A beautiful story that only I can decipher. As I work I can see those perfect imperfections and it makes me stupidly happy. Include some bright paper daisies I foraged yesterday afternoon, my favourite editing pens, and my white headphones popping out against the turquoise table-top, my camera and my laptop and it makes my day complete.

Black laptop, white headphones, turquoise desk

Not perfect, no, yet perfect in its imperfection.

So today I embrace wabi-sabi. I will keep striving to be just a little better than yesterday, but I promise, I will slow down enough to see the wind tugging at the imperfect petals cheering me on in their yellow-ness.

Because — after all — life’s most beautiful stories reside in the imperfections.



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